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•   Darlene Massingill (Edmiston) (1978)  10/26
•   Dana Perry (Sager)  10/26
•   Pam Perry (Greene) (1977)  10/26
•   Damon Buffington  10/27
•   Richard Foster (1975)  10/27
•   Jeff Lucas (1979)  10/27
•   Susan Schilling (Watson) (1980)  10/27
•   Mike Duge (1976)  10/29
•   James Wilbeck (1969)  10/29
•   David Keese (1977)  11/11
•   Sherrie Smith (Dwyer) (1977)  11/13
•   Steve Strother  11/13
•   Scott Bay  11/14
•   Stuart Platt (Platt) (1974)  11/14
•   Teddy Landry  11/18
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Welcome to the Aggies For Christ Early Years (1972-1979), Texas A&M University web site.


Howdy Ags!

Many of you may have already heard, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows.  Stuart contacted me to let me know the following news about Bob D:

Bob had a heart attack on Saturday, March 25. They performed a quadruple bypass surgery on Bob on Sunday, March 26. He was stable and doing well as of the time Stuart sent me the first email on Sunday, concerned about not being able to make his handball game on Tuesday.  smiley  The next update I got was on Thursday and Bob had been taken off the ventilator, was progressing well, but weak.  I just received another update from Stuart saying that Bob was released early yesterday.  He was given strict orders by the doctors to rest and is home (no visitors). He, of course, wanted to go see Myrt.  She is not doing well and is in hospice care.  Please keep Bob and Myrt in your prayers.  

Hoping you are all blessed these days,


Sandy Barrow Harvey